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Sherard Robbins serves as the Owner, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Visceral Change. For close to a decade, Robbins has operated as a multicultural organizational development consultant helping organizations and institutions find new and creative ways to center their professional framework in a sociosystemic way. He is the author of A Diamond is a Diamond: The Core Five Components to Social Justice and the creator of the Sociosystemic Organizational Development Model. 

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With over 20 years of collective experience, Visceral Change is committed to providing your enterprise with the best experience in organizational development. 



We offer a wide range of services to our clients from organizational planning and design models to individual growth and development workshops.


Inclusive Diversity 

Training Workshops

Training and Development workshops for individuals and organizations looking to confront and enhance their understanding of social justice. 

Sociosystemic Organizational Development

The most comprehensive organizational development model designed to resolve your organization's call for equity.



Experience the Chopping BLOCK and the Visceral Change Blog! Plus, publications, articles, and other resources to aid your lifelong learning.



Tina Sykes

Southwest Human Development

Visceral Change facilitated the Addressing Bias workshop for leaders within my program.  They created a safe space to explore our biases and consider how those biases affect our lives both personally and professionally.  It was an eye-opening and valuable professional development experience.

Harbhajan Khalsa

Los Alamos Laboratories

[Sherard Robbins] came into a mostly and historically white space... and gave a talk during Black History Month. His teachings on diversity, equity and true inclusion were so inspiring. Mr. Robbins holds a valuable gift that can affect change and healing in any space. I'd encourage you to have every student and teacher take his classes and hear his talks. If you need a resource to help guide you through the current civil unrest, I cannot think of anyone more capable.

Nick Delamare, M.D.

University of Arizona

I'm really grateful to [Visceral Change] for catalyzing a productive conversation on issues that too often get taken for granted, overlooked or sidelined. You have a very effective way of making it possible to talk with comfort about issues that are uncomfortable.

"I appreciate you so much. You are a breath of fresh air in so many ways."

"Tucson's Best Kept Secret."

"Your willingness demonstrates more than professionalism, it affirms my belief that you are truly invested in [our] success..."


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