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Dr. Sherard A. Robbins serves as the Owner, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Visceral Change. For close to a decade, Dr. Robbins has operated as a multicultural organizational development consultant helping organizations and institutions find new and creative ways to center their professional framework in a sociosystemic way. Dr. Robbins is the author of A Diamond is a Diamond: The Core Five Components to Social Justice and the creator of the Sociosystemic Organizational Development Model. 

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With over 20 years of collective experience, Visceral Change is committed to providing your enterprise with the best experience in organizational development. 

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Meet the Team


We offer a wide range of services to our clients from organizational planning and design models to individual growth and development workshops. Peruse our Three DEI Tracks below!


Inclusive Diversity 


Training and Development workshops and other opportunities for individuals, organizations, and institutions looking to confront and enhance their understanding of social justice. 

Sociosystemic Track

The most comprehensive organizational development model designed to resolve and sustain your organization and institution's call for equity.

Administrative Track

The perfect track for organizations and institutions who want to get to work right away!



Thank you for facilitating a thought provoking workshop this afternoon. I appreciate your facilitation style, especially the way you repeat a phrase you have said a couple of times. When you did this, I found it helpful for me to better follow and retain the information you were sharing. We look forward to continuing the conversation with our team.

—  Jenny Douglas, Second Street School

"I appreciate you so much. You are a breath of fresh air in so many ways."

"Tucson's Best Kept Secret."

"Your willingness demonstrates more than professionalism, it affirms my belief that you are truly invested in [our] success..."


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