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Inclusive Diversity Track

Visceral Change is founded on the belief that social justice intersects with all that we do. We aim to deliver basic principles and education around the Core Five Components in hopes of participants identifying ways to connect these concepts to their everyday lives - whether personally, professionally, or academically. Our unique and original workshops have traveled the world, been offered on two continents, and have been in front of more than 25 representatives from countries around the globe. Watch the video below or scroll down and click the links underneath for more info and other services!

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Social Justice Training & Conference Style Workshops!

These, minimum, 2-hour training workshops cover a series of DEI topics from our Core Five Components series to how to navigate your introversion! These workshops are offered in two distinct styles, check them both out here!

Online Discussion


5-Week Seminars Courses!

A sequence of dialogue-based professional development seminars that extend an upwards of five weeks. Participants will receive a total of 10 hours worth of professional development from Visceral Change experts and researchers on A2R topics. 

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Keynotes, Focus Groups, and More!

If you or you organization is looking for a seasoned and experienced guest speaker for your diversity and inclusion conference, symposium, or weekend retreat, then look no further! 

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