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The LinD Group is an original diversity and inclusion consulting firm with more than 30 years of experience in practicing Leadership in Diversity.


They specialize in Inclusive Excellence, a systemic cultural transformation approach to diversity and inclusion.


The LinD Group believes that "diversity is a resource that can be mobilized to achieve an abundance of institutional outcomes and goals."


Jamal Givens is a highly-regarded leader, speaker, and teacher in the field of prevention and mental health. Why? Because he loves to help people. His heart lies especially in helping youth, and those who work with youth, bring out their best. His dynamic personality, skills, expertise, in addition to his singing/theatrical talents, positivity effectively engage and motivate others.

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Jamie Utt's consulting and training offers educators and students tools for transforming educational environments realize equity and justice in our school communities. 


Since 2004, Jamie has worked as a consultant, educator, and trainer across the United States to build safer, more inclusive, and more justice-centered communities.  One of the most dynamic new voices for change and inclusion today, his workshops and presentations have empowered thousands to take personal accountability for making this world a better place.

Cindu Thomas-George is the Founder and Principal Trainer of Shakti Diversity and Equity Training. In her role as Principal Trainer, she designs and facilitates professional development  experiences that promote equity and cultural competence in order to help create inclusive and equitable organizations for today's increasingly diverse workforce. 

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