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Who We are


Founded in 2018, Visceral Change specializes in centering equity and inclusion at the heart of all individual and organizational change. We believe that in order to achieve true inclusivity, we must first keenly understand the roles that privilege, identity and systems of socialization play in our own lives. We help institutions and organizations (re)develop their procedural structures and multicultural competencies so that they align with their overall equity goals and objectives.

Impact and Experience

Visceral Change trainers and educators bring to you more than 15 years of experience working with individuals, groups, and organizations. Our reach spans from coast-to-coast community engagement and advocacy in the United States, to internationally recognized and published presentations, books and articles revered by some of the nation's top universities and scholars. We are constantly striving to encourage institutions and organizations to commit to their vision of diversity by empowering their growth and development. Some of our personal accomplishments can be found highlighted in our consultant profiles.