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Sociosystemic Track

Sociosystemic Organizational Development (SsOD) serves as the next step in Organizational Development (OD) and the most comprehensive of OD theories. By evaluating excellence through sociosystemic design in addition to inclusion, organizations will be committing to the demonstrable efforts necessary to actively engage in inclusion. SsOD acknowledges that organizations do not simply move to equity overnight. Thus, the model implores organizations to engage in the necessary examinations of self in order to gain the cultural competence necessary to transition through the four organizational stages. SsOD is offered in 2 distinct packages, 6-month, or 1-year. To learn more, watch the video below, or click in the headings above for specific information!


of Design

The Sociosystemic dimension can only be achieved through Sociosystemic Organizational Governance, as it serves as the final leg of SsOD. The Sociosystemic Governance Framework is governed by a set of rules and guidelines, called Articles of Design, that serve as the Sociosystemic Values of your workplace. These Articles, (1) Systems, (2) Inclusive Diversity, (3) Critical Examination, and (4) Evolution. Together, they serve as an accountability measure and the core of the constitutional framework.


Governing Theories

  1. Multicultural Organizational Development (Jackson & Holvino, 2014, 1988; Williams, 2005) establishes a workplace philosophy that suggests excellence can only be achieved through inclusion.

  2. Organizational Design (Cohen et. al, 1979; Baldridge, 1971) establishes a workplace environment where all spaces, materials, and resources are designed to be as useable and accessible as possible for all people.

  3. Organizational Behavior (Bolman & Deal, 2017; Daniels, 2000) establishes a workplace culture where the context that creates behavior and the systemic consequences that govern them are mitigated by critical sociological and anthropological theories.


Six-month or One-year

SsOD is offered in two distinct packages: 6 - month or 1- year.


Included in the SsOD Packages:

  1. Document Review & SCOLA Analysis Report

  2. Company-wide survey; Interviews with Employees, Leadership and Key Stakeholders

  3. Training and Development Workshops

  4. Sociosystemic Constitution 

  5. Strategic Planning Committee

  6. Final Report with recommendations, Visceral Change Rubric and scorecard. 

*Only the one-year package includes the bolded.*

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