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Title: NASA Hubble Fellowship Program
Written: Dr. Sherard A. Robbins
Published: NASA
Year: 2021

The NASA Hubble Fellowship Program (NHFP) is the most prestigious Fellowship awarded to the Astrophysics community. NASA conducted a review of this Fellowship Program in the summer of 2021 and compiled a report you can find here. Of the many pieces of useful information found in the report, Dr. Robbins was brought on as the DEI expert in order to provide perspectives and insight on the role equity & inclusion played or could play in the Fellowship program. His final report can be found in Section 6 (pg. 36) of the document. However, if you would like to read the full, unedited findings of Dr. Sherard Robbins, please click the link below!
NASA Still_edited.jpg
Title: My Family: The Superheroes
Written: Sherard A. Robbins
Published: Independent, Visceral Change
Year: 2020
My Family: The Superheroes! is a story about a day in the life of a family told to you from the perspective of a toddler. As Poppy interacts with his family, he becomes amazed at their abilities to turn everyday tasks into extraordinary creations! Is his family really a bunch of superheroes or does it just seem that way?
My Family.JPG


Great kid book. My daughter actually sat through it!

Title: Reframing DEI: From an Individual Resource to an Organizational Value
Interview: Anne Daugherty & Sherard A. Robbins
Published: Illume Advising, the Magazine
Year: 2020
Because our progress on racial and environmental justice is inextricably linked, we must reflect on what it means to be inclusive of Black, Indigenous, and marginalized communities as we work to democratize clean energy opportunities and solutions. A select few cannot mitigate climate change, nor should select communities disproportionately bear its brunt.
If we are committed to becoming better energy citizens, we must start with being better citizens to one another. In a year capped off by executive actions that deny discussions on diversity, equity, and inclusion, how might we restart the difficult work of addressing our painful pasts and the ways our histories show up in our work?
Title: Behavior, Energy, & Climate Change Conference 
Host: ILLUME Advising
Moderator: Sherard Robbins

The 2020 BECC Conference, held in Fall of 2020, was moderated by Visceral Change Founder, Sherard Robbins, in partnership with ILLUME. Sherard asks our panelists some key questions regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion as they pertain to the work of energy and climate change.

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