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Administrative Track

Above all else, Visceral Change is an organizational development consultancy. We strive not only to provide organizations and institutions with the best overall work in diversity, equity, and inclusion around, but we place a very high value on relationships. We want to make sure that you are able to maximize any and every resource available to you and would be honored if you chose us to advise, guide, or simply assist you in these equity and inclusion processes.

Support Group


Advising, Coaching, and More

A sequence of dialogue-based professional development seminars that extend an upwards of five weeks. Participants will receive a total of 10 hours worth of professional development from credentialed professors and researchers on A2R topics. 

Flow Chart


DEI Development

At our core, Visceral Change is here to help your organization/institution achieve its goals for improving its organizational health, success, and overall well-being by addressing its Sociosystemic needs. This is why you'll want to consider our Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion (SPFDI). 



Hiring, Recruitment, and Retention

This highly requested process is the newest addition to the services we offer here at Visceral Change. Stemming directly from our internationally acclaimed workshop of the same name, this service is great for the HR professional who is interested in having their hiring materials reviewed inclusively.