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Sociosystemic Organizational Development

The Six-Month Organizational Development package is the perfect choice for organizations that are looking to gain a better understanding of the state of the diversity, equity, and inclusion within their workplace. There are four unique components that are part of the Six-Month process: (1) SCOLA Report, (2) Questionnaire, (3) Workshops, & (4) Final Report. See below for more information on each!

Document Review

Document Analysis

SCOLA Report

The document review portion is the first portion of the Sociosystemic Organizational Development process. This portion involves your organization providing us with any relevant documents you have that pertain or allude to the nature diversity, equity, and inclusion in your workplace. Some examples of these documents might be: Employee Handbook, Mission, Vision, & Values statements, Websites, Social media pages, Organizational Charts, and Employee Demographics. From here, our team of experts will review and analyze your materials over the next few months and provide you with a SCOLA Report - our own unique version of a SWOT Analysis. This report will provide you with a professional opinion and estimation of the ways in which your employees, existing clients/members, potential clients/members, and even competition might be receiving the information inferred by the language in your documents. The report will offer recommendations on how to make immediate and long term adjustments.

*Note* The SCOLA Report is not influenced by the Questionnaire in any way!




The Questionnaire component involves two distinct areas - employee/stakeholder interviews, and employee and stakeholder surveys; both of which are 100% anonymous!

  1. The interview portion requires your organization to select up to 15 people (maximum) - employees or stakeholders - to be interviewed by our team. They will be asked a mix of quantitative and qualitative questions that revolve around the culture and experience of the workplace. All responses are privileged and the identity of the interviewee will, of course, be kept anonymous.

  2. The survey portion allows those employees not selected for interviews to remain involved in the overall process. Unlike the interview questions, the anonymous surveys will not involve any qualitative questions but will involve the quantitative questions.

The results of, both, the interviews and the survey directly inform the Final Report (not the SCOLA Report) which will be provided to you at the end of the six months.

Focus Groups & Open Dialogues

Up to 3 Focus Groups

Up to 3 Open Dialogues

An integral part of any  organizational assessment is the ability to hear from the community at large. In both, our 6 month and 1 year packages, we offer two unique opportunities for members of your organizational community to have their voices heard in and included in the larger SsOD process. The results of each process are completely 100% anonymous.

  1. Focus Groups

    • Focus Groups are intimate group discussions between our Visceral Change team and your organization's institution's, or department's strategic team, such as a committee, working group, student club or association, affinity or employee resource group, or a departmental taskforce. This is our chance to get a sense of what has been going well for your group and what you could improve on. 

  2. Open Dialogue

    • Open Dialogues are larger group discussions between our Visceral Change team and the larger organizational or institutional community. Those who are not members of a committee, working group, or a task force (and therefore, unable to participate in a Focus Group) are welcome to participate in an Open Dialogue. This includes (but is not limited to) students, staff, board members, and community stakeholders.

Each discussion can hold up to three meetings with our Visceral Change team for a total of 6 group conversations; that's up to 3 Focus Groups and up to 3 Open Dialogues during our visit. If you have more strategic teams than you have need for an open dialogue, then you can certainly customize so that your needs are met here. An example of this would be: instead of 3 Focus Groups and 3 Open Dialogues, maybe you do 4 Focus groups and 2 Open Dialogues, or 5 Focus Groups and 1 Open Dialogue - or vice versa!

Final Report





After a period of six months, your organization will receive our Sociosystemic Organizational Development Final Report. This report will be the second report you receive from us (the first being the SCOLA Report) and will be the most robust. Inside the Final Report will be the anonymous results from the interview and survey, our SsOD Rubric and Scorecard detailing which type of organization you are (Homogenous, Diverse, Multicultural, Sociosystemic) and providing insight regarding how we determined your placement, and finally, a series of recommendations on how to move forward.

For efficiency and ideal effectiveness, organizations should view the Final Report and the SCOLA Report as one document when processing the recommendations provided for "Next Steps." 

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