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V.C. Seminars

The V.C Seminars (formerly known as A2R Seminars), are five-week seminar courses taught by university professors and scholars. For two hours each, participants will receive a total of 10 hours worth of education from some of the most brilliant minds covering that topic. These courses go live throughout the course of the year, with each section being taught by various professors. Be sure to check back for more course updates and  additions. Visit our Scheduling Page for more detailed information!

Couple Showing Affection

Emphasis on the +Plus+: Fostering an Understanding of LGBTQ+ Identities

This session is designed to center the intersectionality and fluidity of LGBTQ identities as it relates to American society. In this 5 week seminar, the facilitators aim to introduce the audience to key terms while challenging the stereotypes and stigmas that have oppressed a group of people for centuries.​

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