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Guest Speaking

If you or you organization is looking for a seasoned and experienced guest speaker for your diversity and inclusion conference or symposium, then look no further! Visceral Change Founder, Sherard Robbins, is an experienced speaker and presenter who is eager to share his knowledge and understanding of systems, behavior, and inclusive diversity with you! Guest Speaker possibilities include the following:

Keynote Speaker

Need a dynamic voice to set the tone for your organization's/institution's conference or symposium? Sherard Robbins is the perfect person to call! Over the course of his career, Mr. Robbins has delivered keynote speeches to organizations all across the world, now it's your chance to bring his knowledge to you.

Commencement Speaker

A strong way to cap off a stellar year sends a very important message to recent graduates about their cumulative experience up tot hat point. It is an opportunity not just to affirm their accomplishments over the past several years, but to also give them the confidence they need to move onward. Let Visceral Change alleviate some of that pressure by taking the lead on some of the most important minutes in a student's life. 

Plenary Speaker

Equally important to the start and the finish is the ability to keep the momentum going, and strong plenaries are great ways to do just that. The wealth of knowledge found at Visceral Change allows you to identify an almost endless amount of DEI topics to keep up the speed of your conference or retreat. Schedule today to learn more!

Focus Group Moderator

Is there dissention within your organization? Unresolved matters of inclusion? Or maybe you are just beginning the work of digging a bit deeper - well, Visceral Change is happy to moderate a focus group for you. This is an opportunity for you and your organization/institution to engage in small group exercises, activities, and discussions with large group impact. Covering a wide array of DEI issues, focus groups help gauge your employees en route to establishing a sociosystemic design.

Town Hall Moderator

Similar to a focus group, a town hall is designed to gain a better understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion but from the organizational/institutional perspective. Town Halls are a much larger event that allows for inclusive participation and feedback from those already doing the work. Hear the concerns of all of your employees in real time and in a respectful way with a  professional Town Hall moderator. 

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