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Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion

The 6-Month SPFDI is perfect for organizations who are interested in taking a more methodical and democratic approach to their organization’s diversity & inclusion efforts. This 6-month package offers everything in the 3-month package along with our Sociosystemic Constitution; our research-based binding document that is comprised of our Articles of Design and Sociosystemic Governance Framework to ensure the most inclusive strategic planning process available. We will also help you begin designing your Affinity/Employee Resource Groups.

This 6-Month process is preferable for organizations who are looking to reimagine their organizational strategic plan and who are interested in infusing DEI into every fabric of their professional frameworks. It is designed to work in replacement of your organization's strategic plan, rather than alongside. 


Sociosystemic Constitution

Articles of Design

Sociosystemic Governance Framework

Our research-based solution to becoming a sociosystemic organization, our Sociosystemic Constitution will help your organization finally align its organizational design with its behavior in an effort to sustainably support DEI in a long term way. 

Steering & Diversity Committees

Steering Committee

Diversity Committee

To ensure that your organization is able to roll out its SPFDI with organizational buy-in, we will work with you to create a SPFDI Steering Committee and a Diversity Committee to srve as you command centers. These two committees will lead the creation and implementation charges of the SPFDI as you begin to take your DEI work to new heights.

Values/Foci Creation



In order to ground your SPFDI, your organization/institution will need a set of values or foci centered around equity and inclusion if you don't yet have them. In this process, we will isolate and identify some of the key areas your organization/institution should prioritize regarding diversity, equity, & inclusion and help develop a set of values or foci in an effort to provide an overarching framework to ground the SPFDI.

SPFDI Creation


Expected Results

Action Items & Strategies

The SPFDI recognizes that organizational health, success, and overall longevity has everything to do with its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through this unique strategic plan, your organization will be able to increase their diversity & inclusion efforts and outcomes in a short period of time. With three preset goals and comprehensive expected results, your organization will have the perfects mix of direction and flexibility it needs to make a diversity plan right for you.

3T Planning and Preparation

3-T Planning

Design/Behavior Matrix

inops Chart

Quantitative Measurement Guide

The 3-T Planning and Preparation method is Visceral Change's unique approach to strategic planning. This method will help not only help your organization/institution organize the implementation phase of your SPFDI, but it also provides resources, such as charts and matrices, that you can use to measure against and ensure your DEI successes.

Affinity/Employee Resource Groups



Employee Resource Groups (ERG), otherwise known as Affinity Groups (AG), are your organization's/institution's response to isolation and sense of belonging. When working at your job, it's important to have fun and to build community with one another; ERGs/AGs seek to accomplish just that. Themed working groups designed to support and put the unique needs of your employees first before the organization/institution.

Core Five 101 Training Video

2 hours (total)

Five Components

Reflection Prompts Quiz

Group Discussion

Finally, a diversity and inclusion workshop that you can do on your own time and complete at your own pace! This Online Training Workshop brings the Core Five 101 workshop to the comfort of your own home or office. No more scheduling dates and locations, this online training lets you follow the link to begin or continue when you are ready. The Core Five Online Training asks participants to join Core Five founder and theorist, Sherard Robbins, as he shares with you all five components in a session designed to last no more than two hours. At the end of every component will be a chance for participants to answer a reflection question that will be used in a larger group debrief with your team after everyone has completed the training. The quiz at the end of the workshop requires an 80% to be considered passing. Find out more today! 

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