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Retainer Package

The Visceral Change Retainer option is one of the most efficient and affordable options available to you as a client. Having Visceral Change on retainer means that you have Dr. Sherard Robbins and his experienced team of DEI professionals at your service when you need them.

When it comes to engaging in DEI, we should not have to wait several months to get started because we are spending a considerable amount of time on interviews and proposal requests. Having a DEI consultant on retainer is the perfect way to support your organization on a needs basis without the hassle of constant contracts and invoices. 

The Retainer option is presented in the form of three packages that are designed to provide you with the most reasonable and sensible retainer for you. These Retainer packages are perfect for organizations who are at a low to high risk point of operating in a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. See below for our Risk Assessment Table to help identify the state of your organization! 

Never let your budget get in the way again! Take a look at our affordable retainer packages below; a needs-based approach designed to make your time with us as efficient and productive as possible. 

Visceral Change Retainer Packages are offered in three tiers - Fair, Frequent, and Often. 

Tier 1:


The Fair option is a great choice for organizations and institutions who have a solid grasp on DEI challenges, but could benefit from the occasional review and security of knowing support is just an email away. This package has a focus on ensuring that organizations stay current in their DEI commitments and responsibilities.​

Tier 1:

$2,000.00, monthly


$24,000.00, annually

An annual package otherwise priced at over $35,000.00

Reviewing CV
  • Unlimited Advising & Coaching

    • individual and group

  • Meetings with departmental committees

  • Review of hiring processes and documents

    • Reviewing position descriptions for inclusivity

    • Training hiring committees

  • Review/Crafting of Mission, Vision, Values statements

  • 2 IDT Workshops of your choice per year (Beginning of Year, End of Year)


Found the package that's best for you? Schedule your discovery meeting to book your retainer today!

All of the services above are available to you at your discretion and are not necessarily mandated or expected. In other words, just because you have access to 2 workshops per month, does not mean you have to use them; however, we will be ready for you should you choose to! Please note, too, that unused services that are capped (e.g., 2 workshops per month, 2 town halls per year…) do not roll over into the following month or year.


Of course, cancel at any time! Services end upon cancellation. Visceral Change must be retained in order to continue rendering services.

Retainer-Risk Pre-Assessment

In order to help you choose the best retainer option, we have compiled a preliminary Risk Assessment Table for you to fill out. Upon completion, this assessment will help you get a sound understanding of which retainer package might make the most sense for you. We provide this sheet so that you do not have to spend a ton of time trying to figure out which VC services you need so you don't pay nay more than you need to!

*Note, the Retainer Risk Assessment is only a guide to help your place of business make the most informed decision. It is not required for your organization or institution to choose a retainer package. Any of the three options are available to you even if you choose not to take the assessment.*

Download your free Retainer-Risk Assessment Table here!

Risk Assessment
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