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Dr. Stephanie Troutman Robbins

Dr. Stephanie Troutman Robbins serves as the Chief Theorist and Senior Consultant for Visceral Change. Her commitment to providing Visceral Change with content supported by research is what keeps V.C. ahead of the curve in terms of training and development preparation. A Black feminist scholar, mother, wife, and first-generation college student, Dr. Troutman Robbins brings a unique lens with her to Visceral Change and the organizations with which she works. She is an Associate Professor of Emerging Literacies at the University of Arizona, where she holds multiple academic affiliations and titles, including the Head of the Gender & Women's Studies Department.


Dr. Troutman Robbins is a scholar-activist who has been recognized across a variety of community and campus spaces for her mentorship, student advocacy, and social justice leadership. Dr. Troutman Robbins is the director of two community outreach projects: Wildcat Writers and the Southern Arizona Writing Project. She is co-author of the 2018 book, Narratives of Family Assets, Community Gifts, & Cultural Endowments: Re-Imagining the Invisible Knapsack.

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