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It’s the holidays and you’re at the dinner table with your family. After a few minutes of eating, laughing, and friendly dinner chatter, the conversation shifts into an area that many of us have grown to know all too well – one that is uncomfortable. How many of you know what I’m talking about? Of course – all of you! Don’t you wish you could have these conversations in a manner that allowed for vulnerability and transparency but, you know, in a more controlled way? Well look no further! Try your hand at Core Five: The Game!


Core Five: The Game! builds off of the existing model created by Dr. Sherard A. Robbins, Founder of Visceral Change, and brings each element of the Core Five Components to Social Justice right into the palm of your hands! With over 370 cards to choose from, this one-of-a-kind game is designed to answer the question, “How do we have the conversation?” by offering a vulnerable yet transformative way for groups that are looking to grow together in their knowledge and explorations of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice to engage in the conversation.

Core Five: The Game!

  • All products are sold as final and there are no refunds for purchases. 

  • All products ship within 3-5 business days from purchase.

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