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Karina Walker

Karina G. Walker serves as the Executive Assistant and point of initial contact for Visceral Change. In her role, Karina orchestrates the meetings, workshops, and engagements that makes Visceral Change the consultancy it is today. She is the friendly voice you hear over the phone or the warmly email you read through the screen! Always ready to assist, Karina is no stranger to going the extra mile, constantly making sure your company has everything you need before we begin. 


Karina grew up in Tucson Arizona, but has lived in other places like Phoenix, Las Vegas, and New Mexico. Because Tucson has always had a special place in her heart, it was only natural that she returned to the Old Pueblo. In her free time, Karina enjoys a sort of botany, constantly growing and taking care of her many plants; as well as baking sourdough and becoming one with nature! 


Karina brings with her an extensive background with over 5 years of administrative work, varying from call center experience to serving as a university receptionist. It is through these journeys where Karina learned the importance of being empathetic and how to truly listen to the unique needs of each individual and organization. 

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