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Iggie Gibson

Igna Gibson, or Iggie, as he is more commonly known, has worked in the world of digital production for over 10 years. As a videographer and photographer, Iggie has worked on not just a multitude of variegated projects, including sporting events, music events, weddings, talent shows, graduations, cooking competitions, and many more. An avid cyclist, his "2 wheels and a lens" has afforded him the opportunity to work freely all over the country, operating in states like New York, Massachusetts, Florida, Wisconsin, and South Carolina. His talents have also taken him abroad where he has done work internationally in Barbados, Canada, and the United Kingdom.


When he isn’t behind the lens, Iggie is a family man. He spends much of his spare time teaching his daughter about the American Classic known as “The Wire," the beautiful art known as basketball, and the rhythm and soul that comes from his favorite music genre, Hip Hop.


Iggie serves as the Director of Digital Production for Visceral Change. He brings more than 10 years of experience to the world of audio, visual, and digital media. Along with his production work at Visceral Change, Iggie exclusively oversees the Chopping BLOCK where he provides you with all of the  series' weekly updates. You can also enter into Iggie's Thoughts when you log into the Visceral Change podcast. Iggie's diverse journey through life has given him a vast perspective which he uses to bring stunning and thought provoking images and stories to the forefront. Iggie's aim is to use that perspective to push Visceral Change to new heights as it embarks on its world changing journey.



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