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Diversifying Your Hiring & Recruitment

This highly requested process is the newest addition to the services we offer here at Visceral Change. Stemming directly from our internationally acclaimed workshop of the same name, this service is great for the HR professional who is interested in having their hiring materials reviewed inclusively. Here, we will review position descriptions before they go out, examine interview questions, and even serve as an ad-hoc member of your hiring committee. With this option, we are sure to provide your organization with tangible ways you can begin shifting your workplace culture, both, administratively and personally!

Position Description Review

Our team of professionals here at Visceral Change know a thing or two about inclusive language. During this process of diversifying your hiring and recruitment, we would help you identify common pitfalls as it pertains to inclusive and exclusive organizational language. Sometimes these messages can be coded, sometimes they can be explicit - let us help!

Interview Questions

Ever wonder what the interviewee sitting across from you is actually hearing when you ask a question? Ever wonder what they think about the tone of your question? Well in this option, the professionals here at Visceral Change will help you not just reexamine your interview questions, but provide an additional set for you that is written inclusively in a way that keeps the integrity of your question(s)!

Ad-Hoc Committee Membership

One of the toughest and most underrated parts of the hiring process is the actual interview series, itself. Oftentimes, we are not quite sure how to pay attention to diversity and inclusion when considering applicants outside of the "diverse hire." Imagine if you could hire a professional team to serve on your committee? Well look no further! Visceral Change is happy to serve in an ad-hoc capacity in order to help your organization/institution infuse DEI into the entire hiring process. 

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