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Our team of professionals are here to help YOU. If you are unsure or, in any case, overwhelmed by some of our options, a standard consultation is a great way to leverage the knowledge and experience of a third-party diversity and inclusion professional. Through advising, coaching, or just an overall exchange of ideas, and consulting relationship is one of the best and most efficient ways to stay current and on top of the challenging work that lies ahead. 


In an advisory capacity, our team of professionals are happy to offer any suggestions or recommendations we can to make sure things are running appropriately for you and your workplace. Our team's 20+ years of collective expertise positions us well on a variety of diversity and inclusion topics from helpful reads to cultural relevance pedagogy and assessment.


A coach, much like an advisor, has the distinguished responsibility of meeting people where they are. But unlike an advisor, the coach's job doesn't stop there. Much like a supervisor, a coach's job is to then get people to where they need to be. At Visceral Change, our team of experts can help you flush out and hone your skills in DEI en route to you becoming the best agent of change you can be.


Interested in having Visceral Change serve as your personal DEI consultancy? Consider our retention package! Much like legal counsel, you can retain Visceral Change employees as a way to have a team of professionals on call for whenever you need to move the needle or hit the ground running with diversity and inclusion work. Schedule a discovery call to learn more!

Ad-Hoc Committee Membership

One of the toughest and most underrated parts of the hiring process is the actual interview series, itself. Oftentimes, we are not quite sure how to pay attention to diversity and inclusion when considering applicants outside of the "diverse hire." Imagine if you could hire a professional team to serve on your committee? Well look no further! Visceral Change is happy to serve in an ad-hoc capacity in order to help your organization/institution infuse DEI into the entire hiring process. 

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