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Rows of Pillars

Before We're Professionals, We're Humans

Visceral Change is an organizational development consultancy that uses diversity, equity, & inclusion as the basis for institutional restructuring. Our mission, to move equity & inclusion from an individual resource to an organizational value, is driven by our philosophy that "we can’t change the world unless we change ourselves." That is, that we cannot be effective stewards of allyship & advocacy without first having a keen understanding of the ways in which we arrive at a space in our own identities. This is why critical training and development workshops are implemented as a part of our organizational development structure and not viewed as a separate part of the process.

Through critical dialogue and intentional training, we aim to assist organizational stakeholders in identifying their own contributions to structural marginalization through addressing our biases and total exploration of the Core Five Components to Social Justice. These components govern the work of Visceral Change and serve as foundational principles for understanding what goes into creating a more socially just workplace and world.

Vulnerability, along with the opportunity to be forthcoming, sits at the core of our training ideology as well as your learning. The only true way to achieve a brave and safe space is through honesty, transparency, and valuing the voices of every individual in the room. The goal of Visceral Change’s organizational development practices is to create a more equitable workplace or learning environment by centering diversity and inclusion as the main pillar of the overall organizational structure.

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*Acknowledgement* Tucson, AZ. sits on the lands of the Tohono O'odham nation. The United States of America was founded on Indigenous land and built on the backs of enslaved Africans.