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Diversifying Your Hiring

The Diversifying Your Hiring training session explores the common challenges and hindrances that institutions and departments experience when attempting to hire diverse staffs. Whether it is the antiquated syntax found in the job description or the threat of disrupting deeply rooted institutional establishments, history and statistics have repeatedly demonstrated that hiring committees fail to adequately represent the entirety of a given population. In her article exploring why colleges “Don't Hire More Faculty of Color,” Marybeth Gassman states, "The reason we don’t have more faculty of color among college faculty is that we don’t want them..." Via the lens of the human organizational theory of accountability (Ferris, Gerald R. (1998) and Harvard University's model of recruiting for diversity (http://hr.fas.harvard.edu), this session will offer effective responses and best practices aimed at addressing prohibitive hiring and practices. Great for institutional and corporate hiring practices. (90m - 120m.)