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Sherard A. Robbins, M.Ed.


@ Robbins_MEd

Sherard Robbins serves as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Visceral Change. For the last seven years, Robbins has operated as a multicultural organizational development consultant helping organizations and institutions across the country and abroad find new and creative ways to center their professional framework around diversity and inclusion. He has championed efforts to address and exact social change both nationally and internationally, and has been highly revered by corporations, councils, and institutions across the globe.


Robbins' work is grounded in the Core Five Components to Social Justice™, a model he developed to help people better understand the broader concepts of the work. He suggests that these components: Power and Privilege, Identity and Intersectionality, Systems of Socialization, Cultural Competence, and Allyship and Advocacy, are the foundations of social justice and through understanding these core five components, one is able to become an effective steward of leadership. For his work in inclusive leadership and organizational development, Sherard was selected as a member of the 2019 Tucson 40 Under 40 induction class.


Sherard has also delivered keynote and commencement speeches and has presented on a variety of topics across the country at various institutions, as well as local, regional, and national conferences. Some of his presentations include, but are not limited to:


  • Exhibit 14-B: An Equal Rights Approach to the First Amendment

  • Addressing Bias

  • All Aboard!: Diversifying Your Hiring with All Intents and Purposes

  • Do I Have To?: Navigating Your Introversion in Higher Education

  • Well Meaning, Well Intentioned: Microaggressions in the Workplace


In February 2018, Sherard delivered a captivating Tedx Talk titled Under the Page: A Philosophical Look at the 'Dakseid' of Comic Books which explored how comic books are a viable medium for understanding the world. In July of that same year, he presented at San Diego’s Comic Con International with a panel of academicians which explored the effects of mental health in comic books titled, Caring for the Nerd Mind.