List of Trainings

Core Five Trainings
Power and Privilege
This session focuses on ​the concepts of power and privilege as foundational aspects of social justice. 
Identity and Intersectionality
This session focuses on ​the concepts of identity and intersectionality as foundational aspects of social justice.  
Systems of Socialization
This session focuses on ​the concept of socialization as a foundational aspects of social justice.
Cultural Competence
This session focuses on ​the concepts of cultural competency and humility as foundational aspects of social justice. 
Allyship and Advocacy
This session focuses on ​the concepts of allyship and advocacy as foundational aspects of social justice. ​
A Diamond is a Diamond
This session serves as an introduction to social justice using the Core Five Components to Social Justice. Essentially an abridged version of the Social Justice Institute, this session is perfect for organizations interested in critically exploring the foundatons of social justice with a "101" feel. A great precursor to the Institute itself.
120+ min
Microaggressions in the Workplace
This session serves as an exploration of the tempestuous topic of microaggessions as they relate to the workplace dynamic.
90 min
Addressing Bias
This regionally recognized training session helps participants confront their biases, both implicitly and explicitly, in a critical, yet, educative manner as only Visceral Change can.
120+ min
Diversifying Your Hiring
This session offers insight and guidance to organizations and institutions that are looking for ways to intentionally begin thinking about diversifying their hiring processes. This session offers retention strategies, as well.
90 - 120 min
Free Speech & Equal Rights (U.S.)
This nationally conducted presentation takes a unique and innovative look at the the Free Speech and Expression clauses of the First Amendment through an Equal Rights lens grounded in the Fourteenth Amendment. Complete with a mock trial, this session will leave participants with a newfound understanding of the First Amendment, specifically as it relates to public organizations and institutions. 
120+ min
**Visceral Change is constantly creating new state-of-the-art training and development opportunities for organizations and we update the list the moment they are ready. However, so long as the suggestion is within our field of expertise, we are always willing to create new trainings specifically for the benefit of you! If you would like to see a training offered that we don't currently have listed, please email us and let us know!**
(Conference-style presentations are listed but are not exhaustive)
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