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charisse Iglesias

Charisse S. Iglesias (she/her) serves as the Executive Assistant and point of initial contact for Visceral Change. In her role, Charisse orchestrates the meetings, workshops, and engagements that makes Visceral Change the consultancy it is today. She is the friendly voice you hear over the phone or the warmly email you read through the screen! Always ready to assist, Charisse is no stranger to going the extra mile, constantly making sure your company has everything you need before we begin. 


Charisse is also a PhD candidate at The University of Arizona studying Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English. Her research explores service learning practice and community engagement, specifically looking at institutional support of practitioner training and alternative interventions that promote reciprocal community-university partnerships. In her past life, Charisse served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Indonesia during which she collaborated with universities, language centers, and schools to plan educational events on leadership, professional development, and cross-cultural communication. She has published research in Academic Labor: Research and Artistry and Impact: The Journal of the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning.