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Addressing Bias

Addressing Bias is an incremental workshop that explores the intersections of the Core Five's socialization and cultural competence as a way to identify and address one's biases. Mixing activities with theories and statistics, this session will focus on the ways in which individuals are socialized to assume behaviors and expectations of other groups based on societal structures and preconceived cultural norms. The Addressing Bias session is available for request in 3 parts:

  • One Hour

    • This is a beginner session. Designed for groups interested in entering into a surface level conversation around conscious and unconscious biases. Great for employees who are new to this topic, as well as students and student leaders. No breaks.

  • Two Hour

    • This is an intermediate ​session. Designed for groups interested in understanding the social and systemic components that drive conscious and unconscious bias. Great for employees who work with or supervise individuals of different identities and backgrounds, as well as those who are looking to train their staffs with intentionality. One break.

  • Three Hour +

    • This is an advanced ​session. Explicitly designed for groups interested in addressing the systemic foundations that specifically drive our biases and the social inequities between identity groups in the context of the United States. Intended for departments, offices and units who are critically reviewing their internal structures (Missions, visions, procedures, etc.) or have designed a strategic plan and are looking to identify how biases impact policies, practices, and habits. Two - Three breaks (length dependent).

**The content of each session can be tailored to the desires of the requester. For example, although a two hour session is generally delivered as an intermediate session, the facilitators at Visceral Change are willing and able to provide either beginner or advanced content for a two hour session, as well. This is true, too, for each of the other sessions .**